This Money Delusions site is about removing delusions about money … what it is … how it works … how people are deluded about it.

Investopedia is a source of information on money and finance … an authoritative encyclopedia so-to-speak.

It turns out that Investopedia, by describing “what is” rather than “what should be” becomes an excellent platform for the process of removing delusions. What better place to begin removing delusions about money than with the “keeper of the delusions”.

The style of this site is to begin with copies of articles and essays and present them complete and with full attribution. I peel off lots of the gook, but I leave the meat. I then annotate the work “in-line”. This removes any chance of my misstating what they are writing … I show you what they are writing. It removes any chance of my taking something out of context … I show you their context. But it does open me to attack for plagiarism.

If you think I’m plagiarizing your work, just let me know. I’ll address the issue with you. Otherwise, I know of no better or fairer way to approach this controversial subject.

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