Deviant Investor: Debt, Dollars, DOW, War, Silver and Shirts

MD: The Deviant Investor is a gold salesman. He will do whatever it takes to make a market for his gold. It is easy to find the delusions in his articles. In fact, he “knows” the truth … he just has too big a stake in the delusion to admit it. He won’t pass my comments through his moderation. That was one of my principal motivations for creating this site. It gives me a chance of mitigating the blocks “all” the Mises Monks throw up against me. If you’re dealing in the truth, you don’t have to block anything. The truth always prevails.

Let’s see what kind of delusions … and propaganda … this article contains. It’s always fun.

Debt, Dollars, DOW, War, Silver and Shirts

Yes, they are connected.

Dollars are created as debt. More dollars in circulation = more debt.

MD: He gets it right. Notice, he hasn’t said dollars are money. They obviously “are” money … but from an “improper” MOE process. They obviously do represent “in-process promises to complete trades over time and space”. And all of them created by government promises are counterfeit … and indistinguishable from all others in circulation. That’s why we have inflation … 4% per year compounding.

More debt means consumption is “pulled forward” from the future so consumption can occur now. This usually ends badly.

MD: Fallacy number 1: A trading promise spanning time and space says nothing about consumption. If I create money to build a house and engage a contractor, I cannot consume that house until the contractor completes it. The contract can be written so I give him a certain amount of money when the contract is agreed to; a certain amount along the way; a certain amount when he delivers the house; a certain amount sometime after that when I confirm he has met the terms of the contract in his delivery … none of which assumes consumption. And it hardly ever ends badly.

But he says consumption “can” occur now. That too does not end badly. Most people buy a house that already exists. They move in and make monthly payments. It is far and away the minority that default on this trading promise spanning time.

Commercial banks and central banks have created trillions of new dollars. Each new dollar devalues every other dollar currently in circulation, in savings, and in pension accounts. Prices rise!

MD: No bank of any kind has “ever” created money. In “all” case, it is a trader who creates the money. The banks have just reserved for themselves the privilege of certifying that money … and the privilege of collecting tribute on that certification … to the tune of 10x the amount of their “so-called” stake in the creation … which after two years is provably zero.

Wars are costly, kill people and produce little. Governments like wars because they create demand for production of war materials.

MD: Governments do not profit from production of war materials … only the money changers do. Governments are instituted by the money changers … not by the people. They “protect” the money changers privileges … first by laws … then by force. They also use this force to expand the money changers privileges … by empire-building wars. The money changers retain hold on the reins at all times All but two of the central banks in the world are controlled by a single family … the Rothschields.

Further, governments are sustained by inflation. “All” taxes collected go directly to the money changers in the form of tribute. Neither governments nor money changers can function without inflation. They need their cherished (1+i)^n to give them a value greater than the 1.00000 a proper MOE process guarantees. They call it the “time value of money”. And they get away with it.

More production means a higher GDP (even if the concept means little). Politicians point to higher GDP and claim it is good. More production creates employment. Everyone wins, unless the bomb fell on you. Unless the drone targeted you. Unless you live on a fixed income and prices continue to rise. Unless you are a soldier and were injured or killed.

MD: GDP is unmeasurable … as is inflation. A “proper” MOE process cares nothing about GDP … and it “guarantees” zero inflation of the exchange media itself … it doesn’t have to measure it.  It cares nothing about employment. It cares nothing about prices but the zero inflation guarantee assures any price changes are strictly associated with the supply/demand balance of the object of the exchange … not the supply/demand of the money itself … which is always perfect at 1.0000.

As dollars are devalued, prices rise for most goods and services. Yes, televisions are less expensive, but have you checked the price of beer, medical care, cigarettes, cars, Whisky, college tuition, food, and 101 other items we need?

MD: Irrelevant to a proper MOE process. Further, a proper MOE media would ideally be in units of HULs (Hours of Unskilled Labor). The value of a HUL has never changed. Today it trades for the same size hole in the ground as it ever did or ever will. And we have all been HULs at one point in our lives, so we can all identify with them and hold them in perpetual perspective. This certainly isn’t true of an ounce of anything.

As dollars are devalued, the price of silver rises. Each dollar buys a smaller piece of silver. Wars burn many dollars, many ounces of silver, and consume other commodities, which rise in price. Demand for silver increases, dollars buy less, and supply increases slowly, if at all. Prices for silver rise because of supply, demand, and devaluation.

MD: Which is a straw man red herring argument when it comes to a “proper” MOE process … and “real” money.

The DOW is higher because each dollar buys less. Central bank “printing” of many extra dollars supports the DOW. Wall Street hype helps also. Regardless of the hype, a good crash occurs every decade or so, and after the crash the stock market rises again. Most people buy high, watch it crash, and sell low. How many people will take profits near the top in this market? BUY SILVER!

MD: When you take measurements with a rubber band … that constantly stretches like our inflating money … or constantly contracts like gold and its foolish copier Bitcoin, you add a degree of freedom that just makes life difficult for traders. But we have always seen this variable added … because it enables the “controllers” to take their pound of flesh from the traders. DI wants that pound of flesh … and so do the money changers. But then again, DI is just a money changer. It just needs to stir the pot.

As prices rise, shirts cost more.

MD: Ok. For what follows, DI is going to describe what to it is “rocket science”. To we here at MD, we know it is just the obvious result of “improper” MOE process practices … and thus irrelevant to a “proper” MOE process. Read it and smirk. Scan down to my next comment if you don’t need a dose of this levity.

Debt, dollars, DOW, war, silver, and shirts are connected. They rise and will continue to rise, two steps higher and one lower, as long as we use debt based fiat dollars.


Money supply and debt increase. Look at official national debt since 1913. Can you think of a single reason why it will reverse a century-long exponential trend (debt doubles every 8 to 9 years) and turn lower?

Wars will continue and prices will rise. The helmet for an F-35 will cost $400,000. The price for a World War II P-51 aircraft was $52,000.

Silver prices have increased for 90 years and will continue to increase.

The price for shirts is higher, much higher. Dollar devaluation increases prices.

This dress shirt is currently available from Nordstrom for $175.00

Debt, dollars, DOW, war, silver, and shirts are connected.

MD: Ok, I’ll break back in here. One thing I failed to note was another obvious attribute that a “proper” MOE process cares nothing about … that being the “money supply” … and that being the associated manipulation they call “monetary policy”. Everyone here already knows that nonsense for what it is … irrelevant nonsense. “All” money in circulation (created by traders … not supplied) represents “in-process trading promises”. It doesn’t exist before the trading promise is made nor after delivery is achieved as promised … unless there is defaulting and counterfeiting not mitigated immediately by interest collections of like amount. The “unless” results in INFLATION … and that’s what little Gary is describing. It need not exist. But if he has his way we will have DEFLATION (with his gold-is-money by edict nonsense). And that will strangle trade. You’re not going to part with any of your money today when tomorrow it will trade for much more stuff. Zero is obviously the only right value for inflation … and gold can never deliver that value, let alone perpetually guarantee it.

Option One:

Reduce Federal government expenditures, declare peace, balance the budget, let it crash … and DREAM ON!

MD: Institute a “competitive and proper MOE process” in competition with the current money changer instituted “improper” process … and watch money changers and governments wilt. No dreaming and no legislation required. The process is totally transparent so no regulation is required. The process is totally decentralized and can have any number of participants … just like Mutual Casualty Insurance Companies. The most competitive ones giving the best service to traders prevail.

Option Two:

More of the same. More debt, dollars in circulation, continuing wars, and higher silver prices. Shirts will cost $500 instead of $1.00 in 1934 and $175.00 today.

Option Two – so what?

Taxes increase as dollar devaluation continues. Can you afford higher taxes? Will your income rise enough to meet your increased expenses and higher taxes? Will Social Security and your pension pay you in mini-dollars, or micro-dollars? Can you live on pension payments denominated in micro-dollars?

MD: Did you ever stop to think that 3/4ths of the fruits of your labor already go to taxes … and that of the 1/4th that remains, most goes to money changer tribute and insurance companies.

You retain almost none of the fruits of your labor … right now! It goes like this: You start with things like 8% sales tax; then add federal tax … then state tax … then taxes and fees on things like gasoline and your phone and your beer and the lottery (if you’re stupid enough to play it) and everything else you touch. It is not a difficult exercise at all to see that you pay 50% in these “sort of” overt taxes.

But then look at every product and service you buy. The entity producing it is paying over 50% too … and they’re passing that on to you. So of the 50% you have left after paying your taxes, you’re buying products that have 50% taxes in their price. That takes you to 75% (i.e. 3/4ths).

And remember that 100% of these taxes go to the money changers in the form of tribute (they call it interest). “All” the services you think these taxes are buying are actually coming from INFLATION (a designed in leak which the money changers feign targeted at 2% and deliver at 4%).

That’s what “all” government lives off of … inflation. They make trading promises (create money) just like you and I. But they never deliver. They just roll them over. That is counterfeiting. And all money, defaults or counterfeits, that is not reclaimed by “legitimate interest collections” … not by money changer tribute … causes inflation by the operative relation: INFLATION = DEFAULT – INTEREST.

DI cannot dispute anything I have just presented … so they don’t even try. My comments don’t even make it through their moderation.



  • Debt, dollars, DOW, war, silver, and shirts are connected.
  • Prices for food, housing, transportation, clothing and most other items will increase. Believe the “low” consumer price inflation myth at your own peril.
  • The future may look like the 1930s – where debt killed. Or, more likely, it will look like the 1970s – continual price increases, stagflation, weak economy, rapidly rising gold and silver prices, and increased global stress.
  • My bet is 1970s inflation and worse. Do you own due diligence but remember dollars will be devalued further and higher prices are inevitable.
  • Do you own enough silver?

MD: If you own any gold and silver and you’re not a jeweler or dentist or electronics manufacturer, you are a fool. And “I” admit to being a fool. I drank the coolade and bought quite a bit of the stuff before I realized the truth. I can’t sell it because it’s doesn’t even trade for the dollars I gave up for it … let alone the dollars I need to cover the inflation. Luckily, I also bought land in a low tax, low services county in Texas, which gives me a sustainable retirement.

What I really hope we achieve is “iterative secession”. But it’s not going to happen in my lifetime … and it’s not going to happen with people like Gary Christenson spreading confusion and delusion like this.

Gary Christenson

The Deviant Investor

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