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The Deviant Investor

A Non-Traditional Perspective

MD: Hmmm. “A Non-Traditional Perspective” … this from the guy who will not let my posts pass his moderation … because they are “unorthodox”. Go figure.

My creation of this website and blog at least partially resulted from his (and other goldbugs and Mises Monks) defensive maneuvers.

Let’s see what pearls of wisdom his non-traditional perspective brings us. We certainly won’t expect to be disappointed when he links his wisdom to an event that is mathematically predictable over the whole span of time we have had the math … and into the foreseeable future.

Total Eclipse of Sense

The eclipse of the sun occurs today. The silver moon covers the golden sun, plunging a small portion of the United States into darkness for a few minutes. Perhaps it is time to do a sanity check.

Investors Business Daily: “U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults

We blame the Russians but the election fraudsters are us.

Blame the Russians!

Zero Hedge: “Only in California…

“According to a statement from Western United Dairymen CEO, Anja Raudabaugh, California’s Air Resources Board wants to regulate animal methane emissions even though it admits there is no known method for achieving the type of reduction sought by SB 1383.”

(Legislation to regulate cow and sheep flatulence – how charming!)

MD: We need to regulate those people’s exhaling. After all, it is CO2 … that deadly greenhouse gas. It can be done by inhibiting their inhaling. Enter SB 1383A stage left.

A new proposal: SB-219 blasts a deeper hole into common sense regarding the use of pronouns, gender choice, gender identity, bathrooms, transgender and more. What will be considered “normal” in five years on the left coast?

MD: Hopefully it will be sovereignty. But that’s much too much to even dream for.

Now in California! Perhaps coming to your state soon?

MD: If we’re talking about secession, I sure hope so.

Thanks to the Federal Reserve policies, commercial fractional reserve banking and U.S. government spending, prices have risen for decades.

MD: Fractional reserve banking hasn’t cause that. That’s just enabled the money changers to leverage their self given privilege by 10x … making them become capitalists in just two years and allowing them to then take “their” money off the table … and in 30 years, multiply what they let ride by 12,000 times. No … the price changes caused by the unbalance between supply and demand for the money itself comes straight from the government … their continual rollovers which are defaults not met by interest collections of like amount. It’s called counterfeiting. All the taxes go to the money changers in the form of tribute (interest) they demand … for doing absolutely nothing! But then, they instituted the government didn’t they. What should we expect?

However we are assured there is almost no consumer price inflation.

MD: There can’t be if you’re going to have COLA’s in your pension formulas. That’s suicide when you can’t stop the counterfeiting. The only thing you can resort to is the “thumb on the scale” trick .. and that’s exactly what they’re doing. Based on my SS check year over year, inflation has been 0.27%. Based on the cost of my rib eye steaks, it’s been about 27%.

One of the mandates of the Fed is “stable prices.” Hmmmm!

MD: And of course we here at MD know that  a “proper” MOE process employees cares nothing about prices, employment, balance of trade, or anything else. It has no monetary policy. It has no reserves. It functions just like the over-speed governor on your lawnmower … through negative feedback correction (mitigated defaults immediately with interest collections of like amount). It is totally objective and can’t be manipulated at all.


Global warming: Do you think the politicians would have supported the global warming story if they could not tax greenhouse gases? The worry in the 1970s was global cooling. That story died because there is no way to tax the global cooling story or make a profit from it.

MD: No. That’s also why marijuana will soon become the national flower.




The reality that is worth understanding:

Time for a sanity check. Gold or paper? Results or promises? Face reality or blame Russia?

Gary Christenson

MD: Actually, a pretty good effort this time by the clueless Gary Christenson.

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